Back to our Senses

A Day at Makar Farms with Chef Wesam Masoud, Flavor Republic, and Flower Power


Upon entering Makar Farms, our sight was drawn to the open green fields and spacious greenhouses spread out on the area, a stark contrast to the grey and brown tones of urban Cairo that are so pervasive in our everyday lives. A refreshing sense of tranquillity and peace of mind instantly overcame as we arrived at the main seating space. 

An impeccable set up comprised of a shaded area under grapevine leaves, wooden tables handmade at the farm and colorful green and blue chairs transformed into a picturesque dining experience under Flavor Republic’s artistic direction.

With Flower Power on board, the dining table came to life with an array of spring flowers, which were each thoughtfully picked and placed on their rightful spots, catering to our eyes a colourful spring festival. 


As we stood by the wooden stand where the beautiful Makar Farms products were displayed and took a breath of fresh air, a rare commodity for all Cairenes living in the center. All our senses became alert as the next door kitchen’s aromas tangled through our noses.

Chef Wesam Masoud and his eclectic team were busy transforming Makar Farms products into jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, coma-inducing culinary delicacies. 

We all turned to the table after what seemed like an eternal wait and each one took a seat at the lavishly decorated table. At this point, Cairo’s hustle and bustle felt like a far away land that our senses had completely blocked out. 


One could sense the sheer anticipation, as the chattering around the table grew louder. A glass clinking sound signaled the beginning of a speech by Mounir Makar, who ecstatically welcomed everyone at the farm and expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the effort that was put into the day by all partners. Chef Wesam followed by taking us on a narrated journey of how all elements came together from assembly to preparation to presentation. For the first few minutes after Chef Wesam’s speech, as everyone took their first bite, the whole table fell silent, indulging in the explosion of flavors in our mouths. 


The Menu: Goat Cheese and Broccoli Soup with Roasted Almonds; the combination of which was sheer brilliance Caesar Salad with Edible Flowers and a Special Citrus Caesar Salad Dressing with Croutons Baked in Parmesan Oil; giving a twist to the traditional caesar salad that left us all in awe. 

Mashed Potatoes with Melted Cheese and Finely Chopped Chives; because a good mashed potato dish will never be forgotten and a Beef Stew with Baby Carrots; which almost brought tears to our eyes. In addition to, a Cheese Platter with Raspberry Jam and Edible Flowers, Pickled Cherry Tomatoes, and Pomegranate and Orange Juice. 


With our bellies full and our minds serene, we embraced the warm sun and the cool breeze in our shaded corner of the farm.  We figured, a nice little walk around the open fields and greenhouses would do us good after this majestic meal. Standing in the greenhouses, we got to pick up and hold the crops we’d just consumed; from smooth lettuce leaves and sharply grown Kenyan beans to spiky tiny cucumber flowers and moist cherry tomatoes. 

And with the final tour around the last greenhouse, the day had to come to an end. 

Our senses had been revived by the beauty of the view, the tastiness of the food, the calmness of the surrounding, the fragrance of the kitchen and the satisfaction that came from having come into direct contact with the primary element in the food chain. 

Cairo can be overwhelming to the senses, and sometimes an escape like this is just what you need to go back to them.